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  1. Start by writing messy code

    The conventional wisdom in software engineering advocates for breaking down code into loosely coupled functions, classes, and modules, among other things. Numerous books and blog posts discuss various approaches that help us achieve the best possible design for our code.

    Sometimes, we may get lucky and find a design pattern …

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  2. How I developed a maintainer mindset?

    Lurking on the internet forums related to software engineering, you will often find people asking questions like:

    • Is getting accepting a support role bad for your career?
    • How do I get out of a support job?
    • Is technical support experience valuable?

    I found myself asking these same questions some years …

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  3. Deploying software is like opening a bakery 🧁

    What the hell is a deployment? That's what my wife asked me when she came across this word on her beginner's IT course.

    I was honestly stumped.

    Sofware development is full of jargon. As I have spent years working in this field I have developed a habit of collecting the …

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  4. Using an ORM over writing raw SQL queries ...

    I hear strong opinions among developers for both ways of working with relational database.

    Common reasons in favour of raw SQL:

    • We can optimise queries for performance. ORMs can be limited in ways they can be customised, and writing raw SQL allows more control over the craft.

    • We have less …

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  5. 5 Simple Recursion Programs in Python.

    Here are 5 simple Python recursive functions that will get you started with the practicing recursion.

    These are exercise problems taken from the book - Data Structures and Algorithms in Python Michael H. Goldwasser, Michael T. Goodrich, and Roberto Tamassia

    Write a short recursive Python function that finds the minimum and …

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  6. Learn By Building A Data Pipeline – Part 0

    I just wanted to build something where I will be forced to explore and learn new things. I didn’t really know where to start so I started going back to one thing I have always thought had the potential to build interesting things. Reddit’s PRAW library, which is …

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  7. "Managing Python Dependencies Robustly."

    I wanted to write a blog post about something I learned this week. We use a standard set of open source packages in our projects. Almost all of them are pretty stable and cause no problems, but on some rare occasions, rarer than in the case of code I write …

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